Hauseit buyer commission rebate

Hauseit is the largest FSBO and commission rebate company in NYC.  Hauseit affiliates in NYC are all full-service REBNY Member Firms who have elected to discreetly provide a NYC buyer commission rebate to their customers.

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Buyer Commission Rebate NYC offers a selection of full service brokerages locally based in New York City for home buyers to work with. All affiliate brokerages are REBNY Member Firms who traditionally do not openly discount their services.

Buyer Agent Rebate NYC is a staple of the New York City commission rebate community.  Affiliate real estate brokerages include many notable NYC REBNY Member Firms who have discreetly agreed to provide a 1% commission rebate in advance to home buyers.

Ready to sign up for your NYC buyer commission rebate?

We will pair you with a top rated affiliate real estate brokerage and agent within 24 hours of you contacting us.  No need to negotiate as our affiliate will have already agreed to provide you with a 1% commission rebate!

New York Attorney General

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a press release in April 2015 urging home buyers and brokers to take advantage of a recent change to the State’s Real Property Law confirming that real estate agents may rebate a portion of their commissions to clients.  Prior to this press release, the change in law was not widely known nor was it 100% clear on the issue.

US Department of Justice

The Anti-Trust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice has launched multiple high profile lawsuits against various real estate broker organizations such as the National Association of Realtors.  Despite their efforts at a federal level, ten states still promote anti-competitive practices by forbidding buyers’ brokers from rebating a portion of the sales commission to the consumer.  New York is not one of those ten states!

RealEstate U

Don’t want an intermediary at all in your home buying process?  The cleanest way to do that is to become a licensed real estate salesperson in NYC yourself! The 75 hour real estate pre-licensing course itself is a breeze and can be done in under 2 weeks with concentrated effort.  The NY State licensing exam is also a breeze with a 70% pass/fail threshold.

Once you pass your state exam, make sure to sign up with a sponsoring broker who will not only provide you with free buyer and seller leads but will also permit you to set your own commission rates!  This way, you will have a leg up on the competition and be able to provide a discount or rebate to your friends and family.