NYC Buyer Commission Rebate

Purchasing a home in NYC but frightened by the high closing costs?  Are you purchasing with a mortgage where every dollar of additional equity counts?  Make sure to work with one of our partner agents who will not only provide you with top rated buyer representation for free but also pay you a NYC buyer commission rebate at close!

Are commission rebates legal?

Although you’ll never hear a peep about this from your 10 real estate agent “friends,” receiving a NYC buyer commission rebate is completely legal. New York is one of 40 states where receiving a commission rebate is permissible and encouraged by law.  In fact, the New York State Attorney General issued a press release in April of 2015 clarifying the legality of commission rebates and encouraging brokers and home buyers to take advantage of this new law to promote competition in the real estate industry.

How do I sign up for a NYC buyer commission rebate?

Contact us to be paired up within 24 hours with a top rated, full-service real estate broker in NYC. All of our affiliate brokerages are REBNY Member Firms who have discreetly agreed to provide a NYC buyer commission rebate to our customers.  In return for the commission rebate, feel free to continue searching online and attending open houses on your own.  Just remember to ask your agent to schedule any private viewings for you!  When you’re ready to make an offer, your agent will be there to provide you with guidance and support.